Music and wine… A pairing of emotions

Tierraiz is a show that unites the emotionality of the songs performed by JOAQUIN GALIANO with the tasting of the different wines presented by VIEMOCIONS.

The basic proposal, which can be adapted to the needs of each client, includes:

  • Duration: 1h – 1:30h, depending on the chosen wines.
  • Creation of the emotional pairing of a maximum of 5 wines.
  • Representation of the show in acoustic format:
    • Piano – Diego Zaldívar
    • Voice and guitar – Joaquín Galiano
    • Tasting direction – Xavier Andreu
  • Travel to Barcelona and metropolitan area.


ASK FOR PRICES AND CONDITIONS TO comunicacio@www.viemocions.com


What is TierRaiz?

TierRaiz emphasizes the sensations of discovering a new wine; a dance of aromas, flavors and looks through the emotion of music. An emotional trip is created between the wines that are tasted and the sensations that transmit the songs.

TierRaiz offers a different way of presenting and place value on its products in an unforgettable setting, establishing a unique link with the client in which it leaves an emotional and lasting trace, turning it into an ambassador of the brand.

TierRaiz show

Each representation of TierRaiz is unique. It is created on a totally customized occasion.

The sommelier introduces the different wines to the public, presenting the most technical characteristics of the tasting -sight, smell and taste -, and then describe the sensations and emotions that each wine evokes, introducing the musical theme selected by the wine in particular. The public will enjoy the wines at the rhythm of tasting and music.

TierRaiz origens

TierRaiz is born from the union of two very different proposals: the musical trip by the hand of JOAQUÍN GALIANO and that of the wine tourism agency VIEMOCIONS, united by the same thread: emotions.

JOAQUÍN GALIANO offers with his music and songs a meticulous chronicle of love and dislike, victories and defeats, dreams and fears, hugs and goodbye.

VIEMOCIONS, founded by Xavier Andreu, is a travel agency specialized in wine tourism that offers unique experiences and emotions around the wine culture to discover in depth the territory, culture and, especially, the people that make up the geographical landscape and human of the country.


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