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Choose your experience

Choose the experience you like best from the selection we offer and that you can customize to your liking.

In this page we propose 2 categories of experiences:

  • Small Emotions
  • Big Emotions


Experiences that you can give away by check or box gift.

Buy it!

Follow our simple and secure purchase process in 3 steps:

 Select your experience

 Go to the cash register and finish the payment.

Add to the remarks the name of the person who will receive the gift voucher. If you also want to receive the gift box, to put a bottle of wine, detail your address and we will send it to you by courier for a refund of 12€ for shipping costs.

If you have any questions or want to do so by phone you can call us or send an email to:
934 877 626 / 673 279 235

Voucher and box gift with bottle

Give and surprise the people you love with a gift voucher or, better yet, with our gift box, where you can put the bottle you want!

 Gift voucher: we send it to you with the name of the person you want.

Gift Bottle: Put in the box the gift voucher and bottle of her favorite wine so he can start enjoying the experience right from the start!

 Shipping: We send the box for a courier with a refund of € 12 for shipping costs.

Emotions to see, drink and live

Enjoy the best experiences throughout Catalonia

Lots of places!
Around Barcelona for to make a small getaway or, if you have more time, for to Central Catalonia, the Terra Alta to the south or the Empordà to the north. Getaways that you can customize to your liking.

Be original and choose our gifst bottle

We offer you the most original way to give them away: Buy the gift voucher for the experience you want with our box: “A bottle full of emotions”, put the bottle of wine you like best and you will have it the perfect gift!

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